Smart Home Buying Priorities

Start With the Basics

When buyers preview a property they often ask, “What should I look for?” Experience has taught us to recommend home buyers view all properties by taking detailed inventory of both the positive aspects of the home along with the negative. First and foremost - Be practical and leave your emotions parked at the curb. Buying a home is an emotional experience so try to avoid “connecting” to a home to quickly. Explore each room, peek behind closet doors. Try to “see” beyond the cosmetics and determine if the home appears to be structural sound. Avoid focusing on the home’s décor and its furnishings. Too often they prove to be a distraction and will ultimately cloud your overall view of the home.


On your first visit to the property it is recommended you look for a Harris County home that meets your basic needs. Think about answering these questions:

1.     Is the home in the “best” location?


2.     Does the home offer enough space (square footage)?


3.     Does it have enough bedrooms and bathrooms?


4.     Does the home offer sufficient storage space?


5.     Is there off street parking?


Once the home has met your basic requirements, start looking to fulfill your wish list:


1.     Is there an extra bedroom or bathroom?


2.     Is there a second master suite?


3.     Is there a desirable outdoor living space like a patio with pergola or large deck for entertaining?


4.     Is there a separate laundry room for the kids?


5.     Is there a finished basement?


6.     Is there a 3 or 4 car garage? Is it attached?


7.     Are the children able to walk to school?


8.     Are there multiple fireplaces?


9.     What is the overall condition of the property?


10.   What is the condition of other important systems of the home like the appliances, roof, foundation, walls, mechanicals, wiring?

Smarter home buyers should implement a simple rating system to help determine if a property is part of a final short list of potentials. By prioritizing your needs and desires, you will be able to determine what is really important in your next Houston area home.


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